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    Is this possible? Calc Dimension / Expressions

    Mikael Strahlem

      Good morning Qlik community,


      I just wanted to reach out and see if this data layout would be possible in a pivot or straight table?




      Only month, and full-year are available as raw-data.  A simplistic version of what I need is attached, but I can only get the first column (month) to function properly.  This version is not my full qlikview, due to sensitivity of data, I cannot post that one.  Nevertheless, I can provide the data model. 




      The biggest issue I am running into is that since a lot of my KPI's are %-based, they need to be computed on the fly to avoid avg(%) which isn't correct, since it is not a weighted average.  For instance, my sixth KPI is this expression:




      Also, I should state, a requirement is that YTD is based on the month's selection; so you could for instance click Feb, and it does a YTD of Jan-Feb; not YTD based on the current date (my data is monthly based, not daily). 



      Thank you for your assistance,