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    un-published apps owned by sa_repository

    Lucien Thompson

      I have a number of apps that are owned by sa_repository and NOT published.

      I was doing some house cleaning and found these and I want to be sure I cover all my bases before I remove them.

      I will export them before deleting just in case someone comes looking for them.

      Several questions about these apps.


      1. is it safe to delete them?
        1. I know there is no way to be 100% sure, but I can get close
        2. If they are
          1. owned by sa_repo (no user is editing in work stream)
          2. are not published (no user is viewing from the hub)
          3. do not have any scheduled reload tasks (not used as a data loader app for other apps)
            1. What else could they be used for? what use cases am I missing?
      2. how did they come to be in this state?
        1. were they owned by a user who was inactive and removed from the DB?
        2. byproduct of an upgrade that didn't go well?