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    IF Statement with Match + AND operator in Load Statement

    Bradley Morrill

      Qlik Community,


      I keep getting an 'invalid expression' error specific to the IF statement in my LOAD statement. When I use the same IF statement in a straight table expression it works so I'm wondering there are different syntax requirements for a LOAD statement..


      My IF statement is as follows:


      ,IF(Match(CostCenters,'CC1','CC2') AND Max([ApptHR])-Min([ApptHR]) > 8


        ,IF(Max([ApptHR])-Min([ApptHR]) > 4



      as ProviderDay

      The intent is that only providers in the cost centers CC1 and CC2  who worked more than 8 hours are eligible for a 1.5 day credit, everyone else above 4 hours receives 1 day and below that 0.5 day.


      Any insight will be greatly appreciated,