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    Max date wise price and name

    naveen kumar

      Hello All,

                    I am trying to show Each persons latest price based up on calendar dates ,so to achieve requirement I had return the below expression


      but for some reason it is randomly picking only one max date which is 01-10-2017 and showing only those name and price ,and the rest of name it is considering under null, what I mean is


      It is showing only those name and price whose max date is 01-10-2017


      Consider under null for below names whose max date is 31-03-2017



      I am trying to show in a straight table

                                                    Dimension: 1.Name



                                                       measure :

                                                                  1)  avg({<SCOPE={'YES'},SPrice_Calday={'$(=max(SPrice_Calday))'}>}Sprice_Price)

      What am I missing in my expression