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    report auto print to pdf

    Huzaifa Azman



      I'm having a situation where previously when I select a report from the top toolbar of the document (in AJAX) the report will be generated (auto create) to a pdf file. However, few days later, I'm not getting any output by selecting the report. So now my report in the document is not working at all, unless viewed in desktop.


      Any idea how this can happens? Does it have something to do with server's setting?

        • report auto print to pdf
          Stephen Redmond



          The way this works, the document is created in the "Print" folder and then either a link is passed (QV9) or the document is pushed (QV10) to the end user.


          So, if it was working, what changed?  Someone lock something down?





            • report auto print to pdf
              Huzaifa Azman

              Hi Stephen,


              Those explanation really helps my understanding. From my observation, the pdf file was created in TEMP folder.


              Actually I'm on a test license, not sure what changed. I already asked them but so far no reply. Is it have something to do with QlikviewPDF? FYI, the server also have other pdf printer (PDF X-change 3.0)