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    Count customers

    Sandro Pividori


      In my example I need to count the customers where the sum of their sales is greater than 0 and I need to visualize it by different dimensions: time, seller, region, product, etc.


      In the column Cant1 I use the formula:if(Sum(Precio * Cantidad * Cotizacion) > 0,count(distinct ID_Cliente)) but 1582 is not the correct total.

      I also tried with:Count({$<ID_Cliente= {"=sum(Precio * Cantidad * Cotizacion) > 0"}>} distinct ID_Cliente) but it does not work, when selecting a period it gives a result and when seeing all the periods the result in that period changes.

      Other: Count({$<ID_Ticket = {"=sum(Precio * Cantidad * Cotizacion) > 0"}>} distinct ID_Cliente) but takes into account for each ticket and if the sum, for example, of a period is not greater than zero, it counts and should not do so.