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    Nprinting connection error after upgrade

    Britt Karin Børnes

      Hi All

      Hope someone can help me with a problem that occured after last upgrade.

      Upgrade seem to go fine, but after upgrade we have a connection error. When I try to update connections or make new connections we are not able to run verification and this is the point not where the error occure:

      "All Qlik Sense engines are reachable from the Qlik NPrinting Engine computers."

      When I check the nprinting_engine log I can see this error:
      "Engine.Navigator.QlikSense.SDK Engine.Navigator.QlikSense.QlikSenseDiagnose 20171122T111330.193+01:00 ERROR QSPRINT 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 *** PerformDiagnosis found a problem: Valid Sense Engine qse is not reachable on port 4747."


      Firewalls and ports are not my strong area, but we have added port 4747 inbound on the server where Qlik Sense is installed and outbound on the server where NPrinting is installed. Also under domain profile the Firewall is off on both servers.


      Anyone got any ideas what to do next?



      Britt Karin