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    WAS IS Analysis

    saad zaman

      Dear All,


      My apologies i was inquiring for WAS-IS analysis.


      What i want to do is to do comparison of statuses From Previous month with current month and count records.


      Loans Was-Is Analysis/Report -  Aug 17 & Sep 17
      DetailsNumber of Loans
      Bukt 1Bukt 2Bukt 3Bukt 4Bukt 5Bukt 6Bukt 7Total
      Moved Back05210008
      Moved Forward13914131310408480
      Total in #392022151510409530


      1. "Details" are calculated dimensions based on the movement of record in previous month when compared against Current month
      2. "Buckets 1-7" will have movement of records in Previous month as compared to Current month.





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          omar bensalem

          Can you be more specific?

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            Mark Little



            I am not sure if i am following what you mean?

            Does the table show change in the number in number of loans month on month?

            so First line for Resolved you have 12 in bucket 1, The 1 bucket 2 because there have been a change of one in the number loans.


            If so you can look at peek previous functions to approach in Script.

            or in table look at the before() Function.



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                saad zaman

                HI Mark,


                What I will do is I will be looking for the records from the previous month in any of the mentioned buckets in the current month and then i will count number of records.


                Viz: If the ID for a particular record was in the previous month but not in any of the buckets in current month then it will be classified as Resolved. If the record was in Bucket 1 in previous month and has moved to any of the buckets between bucket 2- 7 then it will be classified as Moved Forward, If the record was in bucket 7 in the previous month and in the current month moved to any of the buckets between Bucket 2-6 then it will be classified as Moved Backward, if there is no change in the bucket from previous to the current month then classified as "Retained".

                Kindly advise how to get this in the form of above table.



                Saad Zaman