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    Edit MetaData Font, Assign Nickname & How to Detach sheet

    Mike Han

      This is a 3 fold question , i would appreciate if someone could answer these questions for me.


      As example we have a excel file with Fruits & Prices Column

      Fruits are Apple, Banana & Grapes


      1. I have both Fruits and Prices on a table in Qlikview .

      How can I make it so Apple background is red, Banana is Yellow with black font


      2. How can i assign nicknames to the metadata column.

      With Apple AS Red Apple, Banana as Yellow Banana and Orange as Oranage Orange


      3. If I have two sheets on one dashboard , how can i lock the field so the changes I have made on second sheet do not reflect on the first


      Where would i go and how would i add it. ? I also have 4 more questions. I have attached files, if someone can answer these

      (I realized not everyone might have licensed version so I attached screenshots of dashboard to the second sheet of fruits.xlsx