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    Aggregation used as filter in Set Analysis

    Rene Dimarco

      Hi everybody,


      I know it´s a simple question but it seems like I can´t solve it myself.


      I have some data that contains a list of invoices owned by a certain company. I want to be able to show only those companies whose invoices total less than a certain amount due, like 100.000, or range, like between 100.000 and 200.000.


      I made an aggregation that works well (alone):


                Aggr(NODISTINCT Sum(TotalOwned), [Client])


      where TotalOwned is the value field of the invoice. It groups all the invoices due by a client and shows the total owned.


      But when I try to use that value as a filter on a set Analysis, I get nothing:


                Sum({$<{"$(=Aggr(Sum(TotalOwned),Client)) < 100000"}>} TotalOwned)


      Any suggestion is welcomed.


      Thanks in advance!