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    Aggr / Total / No Distinct

    Gavin Kite

      I'm trying to calculate the percentage of a product Sales by Month by Store (See % of Sales column) so need to group by Store and Month but not the product


      StoreProductMonthGross Value% of Sales
      A12017-01£10022% (calc is 100/450)
      A22017-01£15033% (calc is 150/450)
      A32017-01£20044% (calc is 200/450)
      A12017-02£30038% (calc is 300/520)
      A22017-02£12023% (calc is 120/520)
      A32017-02£10019% (calc is 100/520)
      B12017-01£4033% (calc is 40/120)
      B22017-01£5042% (calc is 50/120)
      B32017-01£3025% (calc is 30/120)
      B12017-02£6028% (calc is 60/210)
      B22017-02£8038% (calc is 80/210)
      B32017-02£7033% (calc is 70/210)


      I've tried 


      Sum(Gross Value)




      Aggr (Sum( Gross Value),Store,Month)


      And have also made various attempts using "Total" and "NoDistinct"




      Aggr(Total Sum(Gross Value),Store,Month)


      Aggr(NoDistinct Sum(Gross Value),Store,Month)


      Does anyone have any suggestions or see what I'm missing?