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    Sort Pivot Table first by then by

    William Labarca



      I have a pivot table with revenue calculations based on weeks ago.  An example is pictured below:



      SupplierLast Week Revenue-2 Weeks Revenue-3 Weeks Revenue

      Company A



      Company B$56,000$54,000
      Company C$100$0$0
      Company D$100$500$0
      Company X$100$500$1,000



      Currently I have the table only sorting by Last Week Revenue but in the event of a tie, I need the next best performer.  I need an expression to sort this first by Last Week Revenue, then by -2 Weeks Revenue, then by -3 Weeks Revenue.


      So in the event of a tie, the sorting will be by the next measure.  In this example, I would need the sorting to be...

      1. Company A
      2. Company B
      3. Company X
      4. Company D
      5. Company C


      Anything helps.  Thanks!