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    Chart Indicator

    Hector Javier Velez Bautista



      I need help with the following:

      I have in a table the people with their balances as shown in the following image:


      And what I want to do is to be able to tell people that their balance is greater than 0 and put it on an indicator chart as the following image shows:


      There he says that there are only two but there are many more people, the expression I am occupying is:


      Count (DISTINCT (if ((Report_AO_ENE_OCT.Subtotal) - ((GF.abonos) + (GC.ABONOS))> 0, Report_AO_ENE_OCT .Viaticante)))


      I also tried with the following expression but it marked me error:


      Count (DISTINCT (if (Sum(Report_AO_ENE_OCT.Subtotal) - (Sum(GF.abonos) + Sum(GC.ABONOS))> 0, Report_AO_ENE_OCT .Viaticante)))


      Any suggestions or someone who can tell me what I'm doing wrong.


      Thank you.