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    Page design does not save

    Vasyl Melnychuk

      Hello everybody!


      After having upgraded to qliksenseserver 11.24.1 I started having following issues:

      1. Before an upgrade, when designing an application in Personal \ Work section, in order to save my changes with page design, I had to press the button "Done" (right side of a toolbar) and it worked. Now I press the button "done" I see the changes as I like, but after I load my data with a script - all design gets back to the previous state.

      My colleague with admin privileges has button "Save" for page design at the left part of a toolbar, but I have nothing there, and I assume it is the case.

      2. Load script parser needs some improvements. When using an undefined variable in a formula, a parser gives a "missing ")" error.


      Does anybody have an idea how to solve point 1?