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    Set analysis - excluding values

    Tim Poismans

      Hi all.


      Consider the following situation:

      Superartikel issue.PNG

      Every Document Number has Items. Every Item can have multiple Product Groups.

      The customer has a number of Products they view as "Super articles". But some Items are built out of more than one "Super article"


      For example, Item 27 in the picture. After filtering of the "Super articles" the Item is listed under the 500-584 Product Group, but it's listed under the BA4 Product Group as well.


      We only want to see it under the BA4 Product Group, so I thought set analysis like this:


           Sum({<[Product Group] = {">=500<=584"} - {'BA4'}>}


      would stop Item 27 from showing in the 500-584 Product Group. But it seems I'm completely wrong, as Item 27 is still showing here.



      Any advice would be appreciated,

      Thanks in advance!



      Kind regards,


      Tim Poismans