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    Export extension to powerpoint

    Erik Wetterberg


      I'm struggling to make my extension work when exporting a story to powerpoint.The extension works well in a sheet or a story, but when exporting the story to powerpoint I get the title (not actually rendered by the extension) but not the actual chart.


      I have follwed the instructions here and set up the 'finished rendering notification:

      return qlik.Promise.resolve();

      but that did not solve the problem.


      I'm pretty sure that this has worked with previous Qlik Sense versions, but now we are at Qlik Sense June September 2017, and it seems broken.


      Has anybody got any suggestions? How can I troubleshoot this?




      Message was edited by: Erik Wetterberg Corrected June -> September, since that is actually the version we are using.

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          Erik Wetterberg

          I have now managed to get this working for all extensions but one. Unlike the other extensions, the last one uses the Table API. Works well in analysis, and in story mode, but when we try to do a Powerpoint export, creating the table fails with error:


          TypeError: b.getLayout is not a function



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            Erik Wetterberg

            Just a quick followup on this, since the problem is now solved for our extensions, and others may run into the same problem. When I get a little more time I'll write this down in a bit more detail.


            The problem was that the extension worked well in analyse mode and in a story, but when exporting to PowerPoint (haven't tested PDF) we just got an empty space.


            The solution had three parts:

            1) turn off animations. For highcharts, the charting library we are using, this turned out to be two flags you needed to turn off

            2) make sure to return a Promise, and that the promise does not resolve until rendering is complete (I actually needed a delay of 0.5 second even after Highcharts reported rendering complete

            3) andI'm afraid a least in Sepmtember 2017 you cannot use the Table API, because it does not work in export to PDF scenario.


            Hope this helps


            Erik Wetterberg