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    Associating data in the script


      I think this is a very basic question. I have the following table in the script.



      Load * Inline [

      idContact, Subscription

      1, 04/01/2007

      2, 12/05/2007

      3, 15/07/2008

      4, 30/07/2008

      5, 07/08/2008



      Then I want to make a new field for Year and one for Month. I did it in the script as follows:




      Year(Subscription) as Year,

      Month(Subscription) as Month

      RESIDENT Data;


      However I wish that Year and Month were associated with the Subscription date, which are not in my example (while a calculated dimension Year(Subscription) in a chart is associated)....

      Can anyone tell me what I'm missing? Is there a nice tutorial to QV scripting available somewhere (one which is not 500 pages long...)?

      Thank you very much