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    Multiple date dimension on same X-Axis

    Manuel Tertre

      Hello, I have actually two charts representing the number of tickets sold depending to the date of the order and the date of the event. I want to combine them to have one chart with one dimension and two lines.


      For the dimension, I want to use the union of my two date dimensions.

      For the measures, I want one line for the sales depending to the order date and one line for the sales depending to the event date.

      Is there any way to do this ?


      I saw that there is an extension called AnyChart that can do it but I didn't understand how to use it on Qlik Sense.

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          Isabelle Timmermans

          Do you have a Master calander in you data model?

          You can put the normalized date from you mastercalander on the X-axis and then put both of the measures in a line chart.


          For you other question. Did you import the Anychart extension into your QMC? Or put it in the correct folder of the desktop version?

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            Martin Pohl

            Many developer create their data model as in a database like MySQL.

            Qlik is different.

            If you wan't to compare different values on the same timeline you can:

            - load all datas into one fact table.

                 there you'll have one date field, one customer field, one material field, one number field (as well invoice number  as order number) but a order value and a invoice value

            - load your facts into different fact tables

                 create a link table where all compareable dimensions are in (just one link field between the tables, date, material and customer are added into one line) and the single dimension values in a link table

            I think, you can find many posts to this theme