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    Qlikview - problem with document session timeout in 12.10 version

    Andrea Gigliotti


      Ho can I manage the document session timeout in Qlikview 12.10 SR8 ?

      Before using version 11.20 I was using the below setting in config.xml file  under  C:\ProgramData\QlikTech\WebServer :




      but using 12.10 version the session actually ends before that limit (60 minutes - 3600 seconds).

      Is there something else to check to achieve this ?

      I also tried the below settings under document properties on QMC:

      Image 4.png

      it works fine but in this way I have to change them for each files manually.

      Could anyone knows how to manage a default value for all documents on the server ?

      Many Thanks in advance.

      Best Regards