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    NPrinting recipient import with folder and sub-folder info

    Diana Lixandroiu

      Dear community,


      I need your advice regarding NPrinting as I am completely new to this program and I will be involved in a project to migrate from NP 16 to NP 17.5.

      Here are some specs of the project:

      - connection to QV app

      - distribution done to recipient folders and sub-folders

      - recipients are in this case Countries (approx 100), Dealers (approx 2000), Outlets

      - recipients differ from one month to the other

      - different reports, depending on the recipient (e.g. separated nsq files for Country, Dealer and Outlets with output in excel or pdf)

      - the folders structure is:

      1. .../PROD
        1. Country (SE)
          1. 000Country_Code (000SE)
            1. Year.Month >> country reports stored here in different languages and formats
          2. Dealer (individual folder per each Dealer pertaining to a country)
            1. Year.Month >> dealer reports stored here in different languages and formats PLUS Outlet reports again, with different formats depending on variables set in QV app


      As we have so many recipients, we will be using the Recipients excel file to perform a load each month.

      After several trials, I managed to create the folder structure by Country, meaning folders per each country with appropriate information (filter per task for all countries and another one per user, each with a filter on its own country).


      Now, I need your advice on how to create the remaining sub-folders. I don't know how to set filters or variables in the destination folder so that when I run the Dealer report task, NP knows that a specific dealer pertains to a certain country folder destination. I tried the cycling functionality, but I only managed to save all dealer reports under a country folder which is not what I was looking for.


      While searching on the forum, I found an API for NP that, according to the documentation, I could use to import (POST) recipients with folder and sub-folder info. I need some time to understand how this works and this is why I'm asking for your help, maybe there is an easier and safer way to achieve the same folder structure.


      Thank you,