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    Mime Types for .csv

    Stefano Marson



      I'm working with QlikView and QlikView Server vers. 11.20

      I need to open a .csv file by a link expression into a stright table.

      .csv file is stored into a folder in web server (web server is QlikView Web Server).

      .csv file has more than 65,000 rows


      In QEMC --> System --> Setup --> QlikView Web Server --> Web --> Mime Types

      I entered a new row with:

      Extension = .CSV

      Content = text/csv


      I open QlikView document with stright table from Access Point in Ajax modality.

      When i click on link expression, Internet Explorer (vers. 11) opens and the following message appears: "HTTP 404 Not Found".

      I did the same thing with .pdf file by setting:

      Extension = .PDF

      Content = application/pdf


      and it's work correctly, opens .pdf file into Internet Explorer.

      What's the matter for .csv?

      Extension and Content are corrected?

      Thanks in advance