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    Extension not working

    rob pint

      Hello every one,

      This extension is not working please help me

      I  have downloaded the extension and unzipped and copied in extension folder till here every thing is fine but

      when i want to use it on front end. the is no extension


      I need to use this extension in order to complete my requirement.


      Please find attachments and help me

        • Re: Extension not working
          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

          The above attachment is not an extension.

          It seem to be a pre built template/mashup where you just add your App ID/titles/QMC link etc... and then you provide the link to customers.


          Open the extension folder you unzipped and click on .JS file which says 'Input'


          Once you open it, you'll see the code, it's an open source so you can edit it.  Also open IE file above input, 'Index'.. that would be your link to all platforms.


          Once you open the Index, you'd see below image, this is before editing the script in 'Input' you see PLATFORM on left



          I edited the title from PLATFORM to TEST-QS in below image in 'Input'.JS file.




          .JS for Input file. Previously it had PLATFORM, I changed it to TEST-QS, saved it and refreshed the IE page 'Index' to see the difference.



          You need to edit the .JS file with your own requirement also App ID can be changed in same script where it will show your apps, your QMC link etc...

          Go thru the code and you'll understand it much better.

          I'm not a Java expert but someone with Java skills can guide you better if you need anything extra our of it.

          Finally you give the below link to users to go thru all the apps


          Not sure how this can be achieved in server.....