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    Match and lookup

    Devaraj M

      Hi need to search for a list of word in a column and if present , with that lookup value .


      In excel i have two work book , wk1 and Wk2 , in WK1 there is column " description" contains about 4 line of ticket description and in WK2 i have list of word which need to be searched in "Description" , If the value is there for a value, then need to fill the search word


      the formula i use in excel in "INDEX(Sheet1!$B:$B,MATCH(TRUE,ISNUMBER(SEARCH(Sheet1!$B:$B,Sheet2!J30)),0))"

      where - Sheet1!$B:$B - List of words to be searched

      Sheet2!J30 - Descrition colmun - where i do a search

      can any one help in Qlik sense script