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    Regarding importing and exporting tabs

      How can more than one developer works simultaneously on a dashboard(different tabs) .


      If one developer Works on tab A and other developer works on tab B of same data model how can a developer working on tab A gets work of developer worked on tab B

      How can we combine tab A and tab B into one file ?

        • Regarding importing and exporting tabs
          Rakesh Mehta

          One option is to have coding done in an Include (csv or qvs) file and put one include in one tab.

          Developer can always copy and open QV document, copy paste code from his include to his tab, make adjustments to his tab and paste the code back to the include files, which are used in the original app.


          Not very clean way to do it, but will work.


          Search this forum for -prj trick. Not something I suggest often, but that could also be a way for your work with source code. With this trick you can export code, and other things od document, into multiple files and then manipulate them. Many pluses and minuses using this method, but you may make it work for you.


          Hope this helps.

            • Regarding importing and exporting tabs

              Hi Rakesh 


              Thanks for your reply I tried with -prj but it didn't worked like I'll give you a scenario 

              Let us assume my developer A is working from US on same data & datamodel and his qvw has tabs like BCD and my developer B is working from UK on same data and same datamodel and his qvw has tabs like BCE when i'm using -prj process to export into XML's and to retrieve from them I got a problem like when my dev A try to import tabs of dev B he's loosing his tab D and if dev B tries this he's loosing tab E


              Here I got strucked with -prj process if I'm doing it in a wrong way correct me 


              Thanks a lot 



            • Regarding importing and exporting tabs
              Kaushik Solanki



                 If the data model, script and varibale are same. you can copy all the object from B Qvw and paste it in a new sheet of A Qvw.



              Kaushik Solanki