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    Issue with IF in an expression

    paul quirke


      I have a waterfall chart where values which are positive are green and values which are negative are red.

      This works as expected.


      My issue becomes more complex when i try to add the condition for the Total Column (in yellow).

      The requirement is to have the Total coluum in another colour.


      I am using the Dimensionality() =0 to identify the total column. This works outside of the IF statement.

      However when I add this to the exisiting condition nothing happens.


      Am I not seeing something obvious?


      Any help appreciated.


      Here is the expression for the background colour and the current graph


      if(column(1)>0, Green(),

      if(Dimensionality()=0, Black(),Red()))


      Bonus equestion how do I identify the others colum in a table where the others is a result of a limited dimension.


      May thanks in advance!