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    Unable to ignore some selection in a star model

    Julien Le Berre



      I would to ignore some selection for some indicators.

      Attached is a QVF example.


      For example, the indicator "nb subscriptions" should:

      - change according to selection in Calendar, DimOffers, and DimCustomers

      - not change according to selection in DimCalls and DimAdvisors


      I observe that:

      - Sum({<call_reason=,advisor_name=>}nb_subscriptions) : ok

      - Sum({<date={"$(=Max(date))"},call_reason=,advisor_name=>}nb_subscriptions): ko -> = 0 when selecting a value in call_reason or advisor_name fields

      - Sum({<offer_name={'offerA'},call_reason=,advisor_name=>}nb_subscriptions): ok -> ignore selection in call_reason or advisor_name fields

      - Sum({<date={"$(=Max(date))"},offer_name=,customer_name>}nb_subscriptions): ok -> ignore selection in offer_name or customer_name fields


      So it seems that there is a problem when I associate, in a set analysis, "date={"$(=Max(date))"}" and some "fields=" expression, where fields were not used to calculate the indicator


      Can someone help me please?