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    NPrinting - QlikView chart in Pixel Perfect Report

    Claus Klimmer

      Dear All,


      I try to create my first NPrinting Pixel Perfect Report.

      Until now I solved all questions with Excel Reports but now I have the problem that I have to setup several page breaks which is as far as I know not possible within a Excel Report?



      In Excel Reports I can add a QlikView chart object as Image to a Report and I can add a filter to the object as in the Screenshot below.
      This works fine as long I don't need a page break after each level element (chart).

      At least I found several community posts which where telling that this won't work?

      Excel Report.JPG


      Due to this I'm searching now the same functionality for Pixel Perfect Reports?
      Is there a possibility to create an easy Report on the same way? I'm able to add my chart as Image there too, but I don't find a possibility to add a filter? And within the preview my chart is empty...

      Pivxel Perfect.JPG

      I read already some tutorials but they all describe how to create a new chart direct in NPrinting.

      That's not what I want, I already developed my charts in QV and want add them as Image in my Reports.

      Many thanks in advance,