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    Widgets and Extensions in QlikSense

    Mrudul K

      Hi QlikGurus,


      Can anyone please provide me when we should go ahead with Extensions and when to use Widgets.

      Or can anyone please tell me the pros and cons of Extensions and Widgets.




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          Shraddha Gajare

          These are not supported by Qlik and there is no guarantee that extensions or widgets will get updated along with qliksense versions.

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            Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

            If clients have weird requirements and if you cannot find an object in Qlik Sense then you use either of those.


            Alternate States

            Custom Reporting


            Slider Objects


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              Prithvi Ramachandran

              Hi Mrudul,


              We usually use extensions when we feel that our data can be better displayed and with more features in a different manner besides the qlik vizualizations. You can try exploring different extensions present in the Qlik Branch.(qlik.branch.com)



              Extensions are created by developers who feel they can represent their data in a better fashion.hence you can find it that way too.

              It moves away from the usual qlik visualizations that everyone uses, hence it might look good.



              Since it is not supported by Qlik, it might not work properly with your project.

              It might not get updated or stay working as qlik releases the versions.

              Since it is pre defined, you might not find it suitable for your project or will not be in a position to add features.


              These are the things which comes to my mind now.



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                Snehal Nabar

                Hi Mrudul,


                I have used both extensions and widgets in my applications.


                One important point to note is, that extensions are re-usable components. They can be multiple times in various sheets and apps. Whereas widgets are to be created specifically for each requirement.


                Widgets require Html and css knowledge. Extensions require angularJs.


                Hope this helps.



                Snehal Nabar