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    Dynamic hierarchy- automatic master elements and new columns

    Eva Gordo

      Hello everyone.

      I have a dynamic hierarchy table (today I have n columns that can be extended up to m).

      Once uploaded the table with the hierarchy function (in script), I would like to know if is possible to do the following (Design, not in script):


      1) Is it possible to automatically include new levels in the hierarchical group (master elements)?

      2) If so, is it possible to include those same new levels in a table as new columns automatically ( not drill-down effect)?

      For example:


      País          Ciudad          ID          ID2          *          *          * ...

      ESP          MAD               1          1              *          *          * ...

      ESP          VAL                 2          1             *           *          * ...

      BRS          RJ                   3          2             *          *          * ...

      (*...: add more columns)


      Is there any extension that could do this?

      If not, is there any other way (the more automatic the better) that could provide the same functionality?