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    Adwords API query - beyond AWQL

    lachlan brown


      I'm trying to query data from the Adwords API that seems to go beyond the scope of what's available using AWQL. Specifically I'm trying to tap into the Adwords traffic estimator tool to pull information on estimated traffic volume, competition, etc. for keywords that aren't currently in live campaigns in my Adwords account.


      There's a rich set of code examples to perform this task linked to from here: https://developers.google.com/adwords/api/docs/clientlibraries


      What i need help with is how exactly to plug in these code snippets to my app via the Data Load Editor. I've successfully setup the API token connection with my Adwords MCC, and inserted a basic script to connect to a specific managed adwords account with a test account token.


      However, at this point any of the code snippets I insert generate errors immediately when the compiler hits the code.


      This may be beyond my technical abilities, which is what I'm trying to ascertain. Does the data load editor use a specific language, e.g. Python, Java, etc.? Or is there a syntax being used that's specific to Qlik. Ideally I can load these code snippets and simply modify as needed for my specific query.


      Any help i can get here is greatly appreciated!