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    Cycle filter not working in nprinting Sept 17

    Judith Nolan

      I am using nprinting version September 2017, Qlik Sense version June 2017.


      My test data has dimension Provider, two values A and B. In the nprinting report, cycle is enabled on field Provider. The zip file created has two files, Proms1ReportA.xslx and Proms1ReportB.xlsx. However the content of the files is identical - both have all records for both providers.


      Is an extra step required to filter the data in each report to the cycle field?


      Steps used to create nprinting report:

      1. Created nprinting app Proms1.

      2. Created connection Proms1Connection. Cache generated.

      3. Created report, type excel. Cycle enabled. Cycle on Proms1Connection, Field Provider.

      4. Edited report template, added table object (sense chart is a table, a simple list of Provider, wave, count), and dragged onto sheet.

      5. Preview. Results as described above.