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    max date

    Diwas Karki

      I have a multi box that has a field that display date. How do I bring in only the latest data for a row?

      I tried doing that in the script itself but it was bringing in the data weird. I heard you can do that in the multi box itself. I would really appreciate the help. Thanks

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          Anil Samineni

          In fact, Multibox won't have much expression level data. So, You can't not sure who gave you doing this within Multibox. Can you explain the scenario exactly what are you going to have?

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            Devarasu R


            Correct me if i'm wrong. u wanted to display max date by default in your multi-box/list-box object right? if so then try to do below steps,

            Go to settings -->Doc. Properties -->Doc. event trigger select as "On Open" and add your date file like below screen short.


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              Diwas Karki

              Hello Stefan,

              I finally came up with a script that does it:

              date(date#(if(not isnull(Completed_Date),mid(Completed_Date,6,index(Completed_Date,' ',3)-6)&' '&right(Completed_Date,4)),'MMM DD YYYY'),'MM/DD/YYYY') as Access_Date,


              I have an extract script that brings data from my database and creates qvd tables. I have created a dashboard which has its own extract script. Data is brought in from the qvd tables and are presented in the dashboard.

              The above script is in my extract script to create qvd tables.

              I have a script that creates a table called spt_audit_event where  I bring in the "Access_Date" field. I am trying to use the max function in the same script,but it gives me a script error.

              However when I create another table doing a resident load from "spt_audit_event" table , the max function works.

              The script looks like this:


              Date(Max(Access_Date)) As Access_Date

              But the problem I have is "SPT_AUDIT_EVENT" table is correlated with another table "inactive_autofire_users_report" . I am having trouble correlating this table with spt_audit_event2. Is there a way I can use the max function in the same script where I am bringing the extract date?

              I know this sounds very confusing. I cant figure out how to insert a file . I was wanting to upload my script file. Hopefully I am making some sense for you to figure out what I need.

              I really appreciate all your help