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    GeoAnalytics Connector Error

    wynand cilliers

      Hi Experts,

      I installed a Geoanalytics server on a server to be able to do on premise geoanalytics in Qliksense server. I am having trouble creating the connection to the server in the data load editor.


      I am able to connect to the admin address (http://Domain:8080/ravegeo/admin/server/index.html) without any problems, port 8080 is open on the windows firewall and when adding the url (http://Domain:8080) to a chart on the front end it loads the map  so it seems to connect to the server from the chart.


      Can anybody assist me with this problem? I have attached a picture of the chart with the server url and also one with the connection error when trying to load from the connection.


      Thank you in advance for any help!