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    Cumulative Line Chart


      Hello Guys,


      I need to plot Number of Hours vs No months In a Line chart . I wanted to show a nice cumulative curve .Could you  please help me with this . My sample data is shown as below though there are lot of values I am just showing few .




      My months expression is :- (If(( Flow='3'),Round((((( fabs(If (''LOI''<0,(''LOI''))*Hours)/Days)))/730.0008),0.01),Null() ))

      My months expression works fine .


      SO kindly help me how do I plot cumulative line chart.



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          Felip Drechsler

          Hi Ravi,


          What you want to achieve you could do with RangeSum.

          I've made a A simple sample app with your data with the following expression:

          rangesum(above( sum(REVENUE), 0, rowno() ))

          wich gives the cumulative \aspect your searching for.


          Attached the app I made, hope it helps.



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              RAVI SHINGE

              Hello Felipe,

              Thanks a lot for replying !


              Yes it worked to some extent .

              Now I have data something like this as show below in the image where you can see there are multiple

              Flow Number 4 and 1 and which has multiple values assigned. So in this case I am not able to get curve . So how do I handle this ?


              Flow3 field is my dimension

              and the big expression is my Measure .

              Kindly help me with this .....