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    Name of Linked Visuals

    Liam Hanninen

      Is there a way to see the name of a linked visual? How can I tell which master item this visual is? I know that there is the list of master items to the left in edit mode. But if I have several that appear identical how can I tell which one this one is? Couldn't they put the name in the pop-up or after 'Linked Visualization' on the right of the page when you select the chart? This just seems so obvious I am assuming that I'm missing something. Below are some of the places I might expect to see it:

      2017_11_28_09_36_09_Order_Management_update_Sheets_Qlik_Sense.png 2017_11_28_09_36_17_Order_Management_update_Sheets_Qlik_Sense.png