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    Target vs actual

    Kenneth Holden

      ((SUM({$<[fis year]={'2017'}>}UNITS)/Count(distinct(WEEK)))*1.10)/Sum(UNITS)/count(distinct(WEEK))


      I am attempting to measure the percentage difference between the weekly average for units from current fiscal year  against the target average which is 2017 fiscal year and the growth set at 10%, so hence 1.10


      I end up constantly with the 1.10 as the answer.


      The target calculation works fine as you can see, but the formula above for measure difference between current fiscal year sum(units)/count(distinct(week) and the target always comes out wrong.


      I am fairly new still to qliksense and learning fast but some assistance, I am sure the answer is obvious but I do not see it.




      Screenshot of Safari (2017-11-28, 9-59-29 AM).png