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    Help with Plotting Coordinates as Map

    Randy Yakal

      I have converted many full addresses into coordinates of the formula [x, y] via a different tutorial and I know thy are correct. I can copy paste and single one of them into google and it comes up with the correct location. Following a different tutorial, I ended up with the following script (the stuff I added bracketed in red):

      Companies and Coordinates.PNG

      From here, I went into my sheet and opened a map and added coordinates (with no little black earth next to the name) as a dimension. For some reason, nearly all of my coordinates are popping up in Antarctica. What am I doing wrong here? I've attached a simplified version of my document. I really appreciate any help I can get on this. Bad map also shown below:


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          Shahbaz Khan Mohammed

          That's cus you pre-created coordinates.

          Your Coordinates are wrong....

          It should be like below


          ACS Industries Inc[-71.4816344, 41.9293994]
          Alden Medical LLC[-72.6257684, 42.0953890]



          First you should have Longitude and then Latitude

          FYI, I'm using Google Map extension and not the Qlik default map.

          To use google map you'd need your own API key as a developer but in your case you can use default Qlik Maps


          Better Use Latitude and Longitude as separate fields then make a Geopoint out of it to create Coordinates.

          Something like below in your script if you have below 2 fields


          GeoMakePoint( Lattitude, Longitude) as GeoLocation

          And use GeoLocation as a Layer in Map