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    NPrinting 17 - Levels on fields or charts with empty values when cycling

    Dirk Ooms

      How to skip sections/levels in the report if for a given cyclic value there are no related values?

      Struggling with this for some time now;

      I have a build a perfectly working report but when I enable cycling on customer it fails because there are levels created for which some customers have no value.


      Simplified example using QV12 and NP17 - September 2017:

      Source Data:

      Name Ordernumber InvoiceID
      CustB 00009
      CustB 66535


      NPrinting Report:


      When cycling is disabled it shows me one report with the list of invoices and the list of orders without any errors.


      If I enable cycling on the customer field I get an error.  (Can not handle void...)

      I tried the same with using the invoice chart and the order chart as level and got a different error (specified cast not valid).


      Desired result is to see a report for each customer, where if there are invoices I see "Invoice list" with the invoices and if there are no invoices this section is skipped.


      Thanks in advance for any reply's or tips how to handle this.