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    How to download the software

    Vishal Sharma

      I have a client who have all the license of server publisher and Nprinting. however he does not have access to download the software when they are available. Can you please advice how can i Get access to software download so that i can update it for my customer when new update is available.


      Any help is welcome.




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          Onno van Knotsenburg

          If they indeed have a legal license for the software, they should also have access to a download site with their own username and password.

          If they have lost that, they can contact support and recover that information.


          That is, of course, if they are still under maintenance. If not, they effectively have chosen to loose access to the download of (new) software.



          Let them contact our support department and they can help them.


          If you are working for one of our official partners, someone in your company should also have access to this download site. Since I don't see a big green P showing next to your name, my guess is you are not working for an official partner (or at least did not register to the community with their email address).