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    Date field formatting for chart dimensions

    William Ericksson

      Hi everyone,


      I added a field 'Cal_Date' to my Master dimensions list. I then created a line chart using this as the X-axis dimension. The date fields are loaded in the typical date integer format (eg "42938"). When first created, the line chart by default shows 3 years of data zoomed-out, with Y-axis labels for each year showing as '1/1/2015', '1/1/2016', '1/1/2017'. This is what I want - it looks very nice.


      However, when I hover over a data-point, the 'Cal_Date' field shows in the Integer format again (eg. 42932) rather than in a date format. There appears to be no way to ''number format' the dimension field, either in Master dimensions or in the Line Chart object. (Frustrating as Qiksense has recognised this as a date field and has formatted the X-Axis labels as dates)


      I then tried editing the formula in Master Dimension to date(Cal_Date) which corrects the issue of dates showing as an integer. However, it then forces the chart to zoom into about 10 days worth of dates, rather than showing me the 3 years of data in its entirety. Additionally, the resize view window feature of the line chart becomes disabled.


      Version: Qliksense June 2017 (I'm currently installing November 2017)


      Is there a workaround - or a proposed fix for later/upcoming Qliksense versions?


      Any help is appreciated - cheers, Will.