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    Behavior of Total Labels on Chart Object

      I have a request to provide a Total Label on the sub total rows for the various dimensions on a Pivot Table Chart Object.  This is very common, especially on financial reports such as a Balance Sheet.  For example I have a Category a Sub Category and a GL Account with a total Amount for each aggregated row of data.  I have Current Assets with sub categories of Bank and Cash, Accounts Receivable, Debtors and so on and then I also have Current Liability with sub categories of Creditors, Accruals, Employment Creditors and so on, each of these list several GL Accounts with line item totals.  The customer would like to see the Total Line expressed as Total Bank and Cash, Total Accounts Receivable, Total Debtors and then for the Category, Total Current Assets and so on.  The behavior of the Chart Properties for Presentation tab and Label for Totals doesn't seem to work.  Can anyone help me out with this?  I've attached screen shots of the behavior I am seeing.  Maybe I'm formatting my Label for Totals expresion incorrectly or something, if anyone has any ideas it would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!