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    Where All Previous Records

    Matias Eiletz



      I have a question.


      After running a script, I get the following table:




      What I want to do, is a WHERE restriction in the script, that won't upload the BLUE highlighted column, since the record of the field STATE_AACL_TO_MATCH it has already been uploaded ('WIELKOPOLSKIE'). So I was thinking on something like:

      WHERE STATE_AACL_TO_MATCH  <> Previous(STATE_AACL_TO_MATCH), but that Previous has to consider all the previous values.

      Does it exist something like this?

      I tested something with Where Not Exists (STATE_AACL_TO_MATCH,STATE_AACL_TO_MATCH) but it didn't work as well...


      Thank you very much and best regards to all.