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    For loop and crosstable() ?

    Simone Trabattoni

      Hi community!

      Hi have some data whom are in this way:



      [product, from, to, label, place

      a,2015,2016,alfa, x

      b,2014,2017,beta, y




      I need a result like this and I suppose I need a crosstable() in a for loop:


      product label place  date

      a           alfa   x        2015

      a           alfa   x        2016

      b           beta  y       2014

      b           beta  y       2015

      b           beta  y       2016

      b           beta  y      2017


      As you can see the span of the date is variable, so I'm not able to do a proper for loop mixed a crosstable I suppose.

      Thanks in advance