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    Tricky calculations agregations

    Stephane GRIMAUD

      Hi all,


      I try to implement a complex statistic calculation (trust interval) but I fail on an agregation problem :


      Calculation of the (ns/n2)*((Es(1-Es))+(nsSE2(ES))) column should be done at Groupe réadmission level and should be able to be agregated on all others higher levels, like, here, Service or Département.


      Calculation at Groupe réadmission level is ok (in green) and can be automatically agregated but it's impossible to get the right sum at Service level. Result is always wrong (in red).


      Here is the formula of the (ns/n2)*((Es(1-Es))+(nsSE2(ES))) column :


      If I do what is the most logic for me : sum(aggr( <the_formula> ,[Groupe réadmission])) then result is different but still wrong :


      It's correct only if a single Service is selected :


      I don't understand. I probably miss something. If someone has an idea, I would be happy to get it.


      Many thanks in advance,