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    Using Image



      I want to explore image in QlikView. I prepared a set of sample data, attached below.


      There are 4 columns.


      Device     OS     OS_Image_Small     OS_Image_Big


      Image small and image big values is the direct link of image as we can't add image on cell. So what I want is.


      1 - A table, with 3 columns (except OS_Image_Big)

      2 - An appropriate object where I can display OS_Image_Big column when someone select from the above mentioned table.

      3 - A list of all OS_Image_Small Values as Image Representation.


      I added a ListBox with Image Representation, it won't work though. So is there any way to achieve these ? In the meantime I m also figuring out how to do...


      Please suggest me some way.





      Sachin A.