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    Selecting certain columns from a table using data from another table in Data load Editor

    Bodin Kengskool



      Need some help in creating a dynamic data load editor script that pulls fields depending on names coming from another table.

      For example:

      Table 1 has 10 Columns with full data for each column - A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, J

      Table 2 will be a table that is updated periodically with column names only, no data.

      Maybe today it contains - A, C, D

      So Today if i ran the data refresh in my Qlik Application the data loaded into the app for that data set would only contain those 3 columns.

      Say next week, we update Table 2 to A,B, D,F   -- Then after the data reload happens to the qlik app it would then contain those 4 columns instead.

      In theory it would look something like this...


      column names from table 2

      FROM "Table 1.qvd"

      Can anyone help me with the syntax here or let me know if this is possible...Thanks!