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    Qlik Sense nprinting: how do I link fields from different tables/connections?

    Kirk Purcell

      I need help with a specific NPrinting (excel template) issue.  For reference, I have attached a Word doc which shows the visual representation of what I am trying to do.

      I am currently on Qlik Sense v.3.1 SR3, also using the latest version of Nprinting (November).



      My issue is this:  !

      NEED: In my NPrinting excel template, I want to show two separate data model tables on the same sheet/report – each ‘layered’ across the same employee name dimension


      LAYER ACTION:   I can add separate layers for the employee dimensions from both data tables, but they function as separate and distinct layers


      ISSUE: Even though the employee names are structured exactly the same in both tables, the field names are distinct and there is seemingly no linkage between the two name fields in NPrinting


      REPORT RESULT:   When I use the Movement name layer on the Bounces table, I get the exact same table/values across each of the Movement table employees.  Same result when I attempt the reverse operation on the Bounces table



      QUESTION: Is it possible to use a single layer across multiple tables that have the same dimension field – but different field titles??



      Many thanks,


        • Re: Qlik Sense nprinting: how do I link fields from different tables/connections?
          Lech Miszkiewicz

          In short:


          NPrinitng 17 does not provide "LinkedFields" functionality yet.


          You can mimic similar behaviour by applying filters to the fields you would like to link ( independent filters for both connections)





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