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    Qlik Sense Cloud: Timeline chart with date/event markers (vertical reference lines)

    Wes Browning

      I am wondering if there is a way to create a bar/line chart displaying data as usual but to also add vertical reference lines as date/event markers.  I've attached an example showing vertical bars marking important days/events along the timeline (used Photoshop to add vertical bars).


      The basics of what I want here (and in additional charts) is to show trending data over time and be able to inject reference lines according to important dates, such as software release dates, GA dates, project completion dates, etc... This helps to show reference to what's trending against dates changes occurred.  The date markers will come from an additional table of all events by date.  Does that make sense? 


      My apologies if this is super easy and I simply missed it... Have been staring at these too long sometimes.  Thanks in advance!