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    How to use a formula as the dynamic limit for conditional color in KPI

    Giovanni Mezzapesa

      Hello to all!

      I am a new user of Qlik Sense.

      I have created a KPI for current month compared to last month and now I want to use as the dynamic limit for conditional color the value of last month (using the last month formula), but the value is the sum of all value.

      what am I doing wrong?  

      These are the formulas:

      current month: Sum( { $< [Date / EndTest.autoCalendar.InMTD]={1}, [Date / EndTest.autoCalendar.MonthsAgo]={0} > } [Number of Tests] )

      last month: Sum( { $< [Date / EndTest.autoCalendar.InMTD]={1}, [Date / EndTest.autoCalendar.MonthsAgo]={1} > } [Number of Tests] )