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    Qlik Sense Licences : clarification

    christian juillard

      Hi guys


      can you clarify a point related to Qlik Sense Server Licence ?


      i am not sure i understood perfectly the licence system

      Do I need a qlik Sense Server licence to allow users to access apps ? or Just user tokens are needed ?


      if Qlik Sense Server Licence is needed which one do I need

      1. Qlik Sense Enterprise Core based Site ?


      for another reason I need to display an app to external people (anonymous access wihtout token licence) like a window to the world (e.g. a web page)

      Is Qlik Analytics Platform External Edition the right one (like we had Qlik Sense du QlikView Server IAS ?

      if my clients are external but not anonymous I grant a token to them but which Qlik Sense server ?

      Thank you to light up my brain